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Methedrone“, not to be confuse with Mephedrone, is a stimulant drug that is a derivative of three classes of stimulant drugs known as amphetamine, cathinone, and phenethylamine.Methedrone 10g

Methedrone is a psychoactive drug and like all other psychoactive drugs, it affects the functioning of the human brain in order to enhance its activity.

However Methedrone is a potent agent of the central nervous system which has made it an attractive choice for people looking to enhance their cognitive creativity and physical activity.

Methedrone have also use in the field of forensics as its hydrochloride compound in various forensic applications.

It is a controlled substance due to its apparent addictive nature and its use by people for recreational purposes but it is available for commercial use at various physical and online stores around the world. Methedrone 10g

What is the Methedrone

Also it  is  the brand name for the chemical compounds is para MethoxymethcathinonePMMCMethoxyphedrine, and 4-Methedrone. Methedrone is a drug of cathinone class having structural similarities to Mephedrone drug of the same class.

Methedrone is a drug having psychoactive properties as it affects the working of the central nervous system.

The chemical formula of Methedrone is “1-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-(methylamino)-1-propanone, monohydrochloride” while the molecular formula is C11H15NO2.

The molecular weight of Methedrone 193.24 g/mol. Methedrone is a drug having strong addiction liability with a half-life of more than a day.

The purity of Methedrone is greater than 98% in its purest forms while impurities in the range of 1-2%. The standard storage temperature of Methedrone drug is -20oC while the shipping temperature for Methedrone is around 20oC to room temperature.

Different forms, types, and analogs of Methedrone

Nevertheless it  exists in the form of powder or tablets and can be taken by oral means. Methedrone has structural similarities with Mephedrone while it has functional similarities with the drugs of cathinone class.

Street and Chemical names of Methedrone

It is also  call by four different scientific names which are ‘para-Methoxymethcathinone, PMMC, Methoxyphedrine and 4-Methedrone’ while it is also sold in streets under various names.

Methedrone Product Information

Synonyms 4-methoxymethcathinone ; bk-PMMA ; PMMC ;methoxyphedrine
IUPAC (RS)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one
Formula C11H15NO2.HCI
Molecular weight 229.7 g/mol
CAS 879665-92-6
Appearance white powder , small chrystals
Purity ≥ 99%

Where can you buy Methedrone?

Methedrone is available for purchase on online stores as well as on physical stores in almost all parts of the world. Since Methedrone is a schedul substance, the unauthoriz sale of the drug is restrict by the law. Getting the drug from most physical stores requires the provision of a prescription from a medical practitioner which in most cases is not easy to obtain.

Some online stores, however, are selling the drug without the need of provision of a prescription.

Our online store is a major source of Methedrone drug as we provide it to stores, individuals, stores, and researchers all over the world.

The products available at our store are all of the extremely high quality as we always adhere to high standards of production.

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Uses of Methedrone

Methedrone is a drug of stimulant nature having euphoric and stimulant effects on the central nervous system of the body.

It is found applications as a research chemical in the field of science i.e. forensic science as well as in Mass spectrometry. Mass spectrometry is a technique by which the masses of the compounds is determined.

Methedrone is also use as a recreational drug by people due to its nature to cause high on administration. Methedrone 10g

Short and long-term effects of Methedrone

Similarly Methedrone belongs to the class of Cathinone drugs having properties and effects similar in nature to those of other drugs of this family.

As  a result Methedrone causes both cognitive and physical effects on administration. Also some of the effects of the drug are short-lived mostly lastly a few hours after the effects of the drug wear out but some of the effects last for a long period of time.

Dosage and overdose of Methedrone

The dose of the drug should be ascertained by the physician depending upon the condition for which the drug has to be used as well as the age group of the user.

An overdose of the drug can become a source of severe complications for the users as the side effects of the drug are amplify in such cases.

Legal status of Methedrone

Above all Methedrone is either ban or list as a control substance in most of the countries around the world.

Many deaths have been reported across the world owing to the misuse of Mephedrone which is why its unauthorized production, distribution, and consumption is not allowed.


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