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“MAB CHMINACA” and all other research chemical drugs sold on this website are intended for research and also forensic applications. buy mab-chminaca online

Therefore the research chemical called MAB CHMINACA is a designer drug with pronounced physiological and psychoactive effects and so, has the molecular formula C21H30N4O2. So, the formula weight has the value 370.5 g/mol.

Above all the toxicological and physiological properties of  MAB CHMINACA are not known.  In other words Synthetic cannabinoids like MAB CHMINACA might display high affinity for peripheral CB1 and aslo  CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

So, How to Buy MAB-CHMINACA Online?

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So, MAB-CHMINACA Product Information

IUPAC N-​(1-​amino-​3,​3-​dimethyl-​1-​oxobutan-​2-​yl)-​1-​(cyclohexylmethyl)-​1H-​indazole-​3-​carboxamide
Formula C21H30N4O2
Molecular weight 370.5
Appearance white & crystalline
Purity ≥ 99%


Above all, according to Article 5.3 of the Council Decision, the EMA requested that the national competent authorities responsible for human and so, veterinary medicinal products in the Member
States, Norway, Iceland and also Liechtenstein, In addition provide information on whether: As a result the new psychoactive substance ADB-CHMINACA  also obtain a marketing authorisation;
as a result the new psychoactive substance ADB-CHMINACA is  also the  subject of an application for a marketing authorisation; Similarly a marketing authorisation that had also been granted in respect of the new psychoactive substance ADB-CHMINACA  In conclusion has been suspended.
Also twenty-three countries so, provided a response to the EMA’s request regarding human and/or also veterinary medicinal products (3). However the EMA also provided information as relevant to the centralised procedure for authorising human and also veterinary medicinal products.


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